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darius the great review-3

Wow. This took me a few pages to get into and then I just… binged it in one sitting. This was great! Really great. I learned so much about Persian culture and clinical depression. The way Adib Khorram takes time to explain things to you, in a very easy to understand way, is so nice. He doesn’t just mention “this is a thing” and then expects you to remember. He repeats and explains. He shows you what it’s like. Both to be a “fractional” Persian, as Darius calls himself, and what it’s like to have clinical depression.

But the book is about so much more than that. It’s about finding yourself too. Finding out who you are. And even though sexuality isn’t a big topic in this book, I could tell Darius was searching for himself in that aspect too.

This book is also about family. It shows the best things about family and the not-so-great ones. It shows you how lovely a family can be, and it shows you that everyone has their flaws. Even your parents. Even your grandparents. Which I think is a good message. Too often are we told that “they’re your family” so that they’re absolved of any faults or flaws, which isn’t true. I think Adib Khorram showed that really well in this book too.

Please read Darius the Great Is Not Okay, it’s a wonderful read!

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