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Short Story Set

Two Things: 
Car has been searching for ways to take revenge on his ex. When the schoolplay arrives, he sees the perfect opportunity. What he didn’t see coming was Star, and his pear green eyes.


Friday Night:
Albert has lived across from Thomes Holmes for 7 years. In all those years, they’ve only talked a handful of times. Until one Friday night, when there’s a party, and Albert is dared to kiss Thomas.


Love Potion:
Blair has been secretly pining for the pretty princess across the road. She is okay with that. Until one day, the princess visits her shop and asks for a love potion.


Looking for something short and sweet to read? We’ve got you covered!
These short stories are about: theater gays, a demisexual nerd & a misunderstood boy, and a witch & a princess who fall in love.

Two Things: 50 pages (7,5k words)
Friday Night: 100 pages (14k words)
Love Potion: 82 pages (12k words)