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who is Ever After print ?

Have you ever read a best-selling fantasy book where the main character is gay/bi/trans? No, we haven’t either. Until recently, LGBT+ characters haven’t been main characters in genre fiction. And that’s a shame! Because we don’t think we’re alone if we say we want a badass lesbian princess, a struggling gay space pilot, and a mermaid who has no sexual attraction to anyone!

“They’re not just their sexuality or gender. They’re main characters.”

We want to see more LGBT+ characters in books. So we started writing them ourselves! Because we believe it’s important to have someone to look up to, someone you relate to. And that’s what we tried to do with our book: For Ever. A diverse fantasy novel without sexuality and gender being the main theme. We basically said: Hey, this character is gay, but he’s also struggling to prove himself to his Kingdom. They’re not just their sexuality or gender. They’re main characters in a book!

We asked ourselves: What comes after For Ever? And the answer was simple. Ever After! Because we’re not ready to stop creating LGBT+ stories. So check our social media or sign up to our mailing list, and stay tuned!

Renée illustrator

Hi! I am Renée Zonneveld, the illustrator of EverAfterPrint. A few years ago, I would’ve never dreamed of doing MORE with my art. My initial plan? Get my PhD and draw as a hobby. But then two things happened. First, my friend wrote a book, and illustrating it made me take my art seriously for the first time. And second: my professors told me that as an academic, I couldn’t spend as much time on art. While there are lots of people in academics that manage both, his words still made me realize how important my art is to me. I didn’t want to give it up. I wanted art to be my career, so here we are!

My goal is to create art that makes you pick up a piece of media you wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Specifically for our books. The books we publish at EverAfterPrint contain a message that I want to support, spread, and promote!

Cindy writer

Hello! I’m Cindy Paul, the author of EverAfterPrint. I’ve always loved books, but writing has definitely become a passion. The “I know I have to get up early, but I really want to finish this scene” kind.

At first, I mostly wrote short stories because I didn’t believe I could finish a full-blown novel. And look where we are now! I really wanted to see more books with LGBTQ+ rep, so I eventually took the leap. And I’m so glad I did.

I want to write stories with amazing, relatable, and diverse characters. AND give them happy endings, because I feel like there are enough sad books out there. Don’t get me wrong: they are good too (The Song of Achilles? I was bawling). But writing sad endings doesn’t make me happy. Ah, did I spoil all my books now?

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