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lgbt+ fantasy, paranormal & contemporary

Ever After print

“Love Potion” – an illustrated queer, feel-good fairytale.


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In short, we focus on publishing diverse and happy LGBT+ stories. There’s many reasons why, but the most obvious one is: there can never be enough LGBT+ books! Everyone deserve to be a main character and have epic adventures, swoony romances, and magical mysteries.

Obviously, there’s still a healthy dosis of angst in our books. Don’t worry about that, haha!

We hope you enjoy the stories we tell. Feel free to talk about them to us! You can find us on Instagram & Twitter. We hope to see you soon!


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People Notice the Rain

On the day Silas hears he failed another math test, he meets a boy with a thousand freckles. There's something strange about the boy. He keeps going on about smell, and he seems strangely attached to Silas. It doesn't help that whenever he smiles his boy-next-door smile, Silas wants to stare.   But that's not all. During the full moon, the boy warns him to stay inside. Turns out werewolves don't just exist in D&D. Book 1 in the Hepdale Rain series   add on Goodreads  | eBook  


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The store was an absolute mess, of course.

Frog legs swam through the air and the skeletal forms of dead mice scuttled over the counters. Counters that still contained guts and blood and—

“Oh!” Blair said. “My sacrificial knife.” She picked it up and wiped it clean on a cloth. “I’ve been searching all weekend for you.”

“Blair!” Ob suddenly exclaimed from the hallway. “Blair, there’s someone walking through the front garden! Blair! There’s someone walking through the front garden! Blair! There’s someone—”

“Yes!” Blair snapped. “I heard you the first time!”

She swatted away a pair of frog legs and made her way to the front door when Ob started screaming again. “It’s the pretty princess lady! It’s the pretty princess lady from across the road! It’s the—”

Blair nearly tripped on her long black skirt. “It’s what.”

“—pretty princess lady from across the road!” 

Blair pressed her nose against the door, looked through the peeping hole, and nearly fainted at what she saw.
Gliding through Blair’s overgrown front garden (never plant mint),
was none other than the princess from across the road.
As Ob had said.

On the day Silas hears he failed another math test,
he meets a boy on the side of the road.

It is pouring outside, and if looking up wouldn’t sting his eyes, Silas would see the sky was grey and dark.

It’s sort of a miracle that he even sees the shape against the side of the wall.
Or maybe not.
Maybe, Silas is so used to looking down,
it would have been impossible for him not to see the white sneakers and the curled-up figure. 

Silas stops.
Thinks, what if this is a homeless person so desperate for drugs, they’re going to stab me and sell my organs?
Would that really matter?
Would anyone miss me if I wasn’t here?

In the end, the choice isn’t really Silas’s.
Or maybe it is.
Maybe, because he stopped and looked down,
he gave the other enough time to look up. 

A hand shoots out and grabs Silas’s leg
and Silas thinks, this is it.

“What?” the other asks, and their voice is warm. “It’s—it’s pouring, how can I still smell you?”

And Silas says, “Excuse me?”

The hand on his leg tightens, and their grip is so strong Silas thinks it would be impossible to break. 

The stranger moves to their feet then,
and they’re tall,
and they’re a he,
because his hood falls off and reveals warm brown eyes and a strong jaw.
Silas can see thousands of freckles.

“You smell so good,” the guy says. 

“What the fuck,” Silas says.

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