People Long for the Sun


🏳️‍🌈 The thrilling conclusion to the Hepdale Rain series!

The pack is in danger. 

Dean made it clear that he’s done playing games. If Theo doesn’t join him, he will hunt Theo and his pack down. Using any means necessary. 

Meanwhile, Silas finds it difficult to keep werewolves a secret from the rest of his friends. Especially since Sarah seems to have noticed that Jack and him are acting strange. 

The pack would be stronger with more people. They might stand a chance against Dean. But does Silas really want to drag his friends into something so dangerous? 


Book 3 in the Hepdale Rain series.
You can find book 1 and book 2 here. 


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What readers have said about the Hepdale Rain series: 

“This book was everything I was looking for, and everything I wanted to read. It was light and quick, but captivated me and pulled me along in a way not many books do. “
– Marco, Goodreads

“The plot slowly increases in intensity before suddenly hitting you with an ending that got me so hard it left my mouth agape for what felt like days.”
– Lars, Goodreads

“I was simply captivated by this romance especially with Silas’s internal struggle that added a depth I felt deep within my bones. If you want a soulmate book without the cheesy and overdone insta-love and really pays its due to the slow burn, then you need to read this book.”
– Emily, Goodreads

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