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Cindy Paul

"I’ve always loved books, but writing has definitely become a passion. The “I know I have to get up early but I really want to write this angsty scene” sort of passion, haha. Writing For Ever has taught me so much. And it’s only made me more excited to share diverse stories with you!"

Language English

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People Notice the Rain


On the day Silas hears he failed another math test, he meets a boy with a thousand freckles.

There’s something strange about the boy. He keeps going on about smell, and he seems strangely attached to Silas. It doesn’t help that whenever he smiles his boy-next-door smile, Silas wants to stare.


But that’s not all. During the full moon, the boy warns him to stay inside. Turns out werewolves don’t just exist in D&D.


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