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Cindy Paul

"I’ve always loved books, but writing has definitely become a passion. The “I know I have to get up early but I really want to write this angsty scene” sort of passion, haha. Writing For Ever has taught me so much. And it’s only made me more excited to share diverse stories with you!"

Language English

Author's books

People Notice the Rain

🏳️‍🌈 a paranormal romance and coming of age story

On the day Silas hears he failed another math test, he meets a boy with a thousand freckles.


There’s something strange about the boy. He keeps going on about smell, and he seems strangely attached to Silas. It doesn’t help that whenever he smiles his boy-next-door smile, Silas wants to stare.


But that’s not all. During the full moon, the boy warns him to stay inside. Turns out werewolves don’t just exist in D&D.

Book 1 in the Hepdale Rain series
You can find book 2 and book 3 here. 


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For Ever


“A girl meets a dragon, a servant fights for her prince, a traveler with a secret finds a home, a soldier disobeys the rules in order to save the kingdom, and a queen journeys north to find out if she’s truly fit to rule.”


an LGBT+ fantasy


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This book features a trans character. It is read & feedbacked by various trans sensitivity readers.

People Need a Storm


Silas’s boyfriend is a werewolf.


And if that’s not enough, he is also Silas’s first boyfriend. But there is no time to worry about holding hands or going on dates. Not when there are other werewolves in Hepdale, who threaten to ruin more than their relationship.


Meanwhile, Jack has enough problems of his own to deal with. He’s sick of high school, sick of his family, and sick of those weird texts he keeps receiving. And to top it all off, Theo’s brother is being weirdly handsome and mysterious. Like, right in his face. 


Book 2 in the Hepdale Rain series
You can find book 1 and book 3 here.


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