People Notice the Rain


🏳️‍🌈 a paranormal romance and coming of age story

On the day Silas hears he failed another math test, he meets a boy with a thousand freckles.

There’s something strange about the boy. He keeps going on about smell, and he seems strangely attached to Silas. It doesn’t help that whenever he smiles his boy-next-door smile, Silas wants to stare.

But that’s not all. During the full moon, the boy warns him to stay inside. Turns out werewolves don’t just exist in D&D.

Book 1 in the Hepdale Rain series
You can find book 2 and book 3 here. 


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What readers have said about the Hepdale Rain series: 

“I devoured this book. So amazing! A must read for all queer lovers.”
– Tizian, Goodreads

“With this book, it feels like I’ve had a friend. In the story, in the characters, someone that keeps you company no matter if you are feeling lonely or not.”
– Wendy, Goodreads

“I was simply captivated by this romance especially with Silas’s internal struggle that added a depth I felt deep within my bones. If you want a soulmate book without the cheesy and overdone insta-love and really pays its due to the slow burn, then you need to read this book.”
– Emily, Goodreads

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